Tips to Make a Long-Distance Move More Affordable

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If you are moving across town or a few hours away, you might be able to toss all your belongings in a van and travel to your new destination. However, if you are going across country, you will need to do a lot more planning. Transporting your life across the country can take a hit on your finances if you don’t try to make it as affordable as possible. Luckily, there are a few ways to do so.

Getting Your Finances in Order

No matter how you look at it, moving across the country is not cheap. You will want to make sure your finances are in order before you start paying for moving supplies or services. One way of paying for the process is to take out a personal loan from a private lender. Having online personal loans available to you are a great way to make sure you can adequately cover the cost of taking your life across the country.

Working with the Right Moving Company

It’s a good idea to get quotes from several moving companies. Some will come to your current home and make estimates based on the amount of stuff you have. You should schedule these as far in advance as possible. After doing your research, make sure you choose a reliable company. It is a good idea to keep your options affordable, but you don’t want to cheap out too much in this case. Just because someone is the cheapest does not mean they will be the right option. You do not want to be forced to pay much more money if you choose a company that could scam you. And the cheapest company might not take precautions to avoid damaging your items. You will also want to look into insurance in case some of your valuables get damaged in the process of transporting them.

Finding Free Moving Supplies

This is one area where you can save a lot of money. Try to collect as many free supplies as you can. Every time you get a package in the mail, save the box or other packaging to wrap delicate items in. Newspapers are useful for wrapping dishes and other breakables. There are also online groups where local members of the community give away free moving supplies. And often, grocery stores, schools, or recycling centers will give away boxes.

Moving Yourself

You don’t want to find yourself in debt over a move and it can be cheaper to rent your own truck and take your items yourself. Of course, this will require you to drive yourself across the country, and you may need to make plans for transporting any vehicles you might own. Plus, you will most likely need help to load your items and unload them at your new home.Still, this option can save you several thousand dollars. Understand the costs of renting a truck, since this often includes fuel expenses, a certain rate, and extra insurance. You might want to compare these expenses to that of a moving company. Depending on how much stuff you have, one option may be the clear winner for you.

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