Tech Employment Remains Flat as Demand Continues to Outstrip Supply

ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In April, job growth in IT was effectively unchanged from March. On a year-over-year basis, IT employment was largely flat with just under 1% growth in the year’s period, according to TechServe Alliance, the national trade association of the IT & Engineering Staffing and Solutions Industry. Engineering job growth shows an uptick over the course of the year, including a slight addition of 10,300 jobs from March to April 2022.

April IT and Engineering Employment Index

“With the onset of the pandemic, remote work and demand for digital transformation across all industries heightened the competition for talent, only to be followed by worker movement in what has been dubbed the Great Resignation, adding a new layer of hiring complexity,” said Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance. “Throughout these changes, tech employment has remained strong as hiring managers continue to face challenges in filling specialized tech roles.

“Despite entering a period of economic uncertainty, we expect this high level of demand for IT professionals to continue as supply remains insufficient to meet the needs of businesses; hiring organizations will need to be laser-focused on strategies that discover talent through new sources while emphasizing their brand value to retain their skilled workforce,” Roberts added.

The following table presents information about the total number of jobs in certain sectors that provide a significant amount of employment for IT and engineering professionals.

Comparisons of TechServe Alliance’s IT Employment Index to employment
in some key sectors with significant numbers of IT jobs as well as to all non-farm jobs

April 2022

TechServe Alliance

IT Employment Index

Computer systems and design

and technical consulting services

processing, hosting and related

TechServe Alliance

Engineering Employment Index

Computer and electronic
product manufacturing

and technical services

State, and
Local Government
state and
local schools and hospitals)

Total non-farm jobs

number of











– 0.01%

+ 0.2%

+ 0.2%

+ 1.3%

+ 0.38%

+ 0.3%

+ 0.3%

+ 0.1%

+ 0.3%

from same month, one year earlier

+ 0.92%

+ 6.1%

+ 8.0%

+ 6.8%

+ 3.87%

+ 1.8%

+ 6.0%

– 0.3%

+ 4.6%

note: all figures are subject to revision

Sources: Department of Labor/U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and TechServe Alliance

Technical note: TechServe Alliance’s IT Employment Index and Engineering Employment Index are the first specific measurements of IT and engineering employment. These unique measurements of total IT and engineering employment are created monthly by studying the ongoing staffing patterns of a dozen IT and computer related occupations in 22 industries and industry sectors employing significant numbers of IT workers and nearly two dozen engineering occupations in 30 select industries and industry sectors employing significant numbers of engineering workers. Both the monthly IT Employment and Engineering Employment Indices are based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, which is subject to monthly revisions, and is revised accordingly. Both indices are also subject to periodic revisions and annual rebenchmarking that includes revisions to several years of employment data, which also may incorporate new occupational definitions. Both indices were re-benchmarked going back several years through January 2022 data. In addition, both indices are subject to minor revisions to March and April data. The next major revision will be published in February 2023.

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TechServe Alliance is the national trade association of the IT & Engineering staffing and solutions industry. IT & Engineering staffing and solutions firms count on TechServe Alliance to keep their leadership informed, engaged, and connected. TechServe Alliance serves as the voice of the industry before the policymakers and the national and trade press. By providing access to the knowledge and best practices of an entire industry and tapping the “collective scale” of its members, TechServe Alliance supports its members in the efficient delivery of best-in-class IT & Engineering staffing and solutions for clients and exceptional professional opportunities for every consultant.

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