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Interview with Ben Sweiry, Co-Founder of Dime Alley is a US loans connection service founded by Ben Sweiry in 2021, which aims to match customers with a lender suiting their financial requirements.

What is Dime Alley?

“Dime Alley, put simply, is a US loans connection service which offers ordinary Americans the chance to apply for different types of loan products,” explains Ben Sweiry. “We set-up Dime Alley to give people the opportunity to apply for financial assistance but doing so with the knowledge that we are matching our applicants with a lender that suits their needs”.

“Our lenders are SEC regulated or trade with OLA practices to ensure a safe and responsible experience for all our customers.”

What products does Dime Alley offer?

“We offer a fully-online service which takes in over 8,000 data points to match a customer to the right lender for them. Our loan products range from 1 to 60 months, with the option to use them as a cash advance just for a few days or weeks, to a longer installment loan repaid over several months. We have a range of products for people with bad credit, with our goal being able to find the most affordable rates and options for every kind of customer.”

“It has taken over a year to launch with the most consuming part being the API work between us and the lenders.”

What motivated you to set-up Dime Alley?

“After 10 years in both the US and UK consumer finance industries, I saw the opportunity to set-up Dime Alley towards the back-end of the coronavirus pandemic with Ben as a way of helping Americans after seeing the financial hardships that people endured over the last two years”. Daniel went on, “there are so many loan scams and predatory loans services out there, and the number of these has, if anything, risen due to the pandemic, and so we can’t stress how important it is to give our customers a legit and reliable loans service that they can trust”.

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Where does Dime Alley operate?

“The regulation on the US loans market is quite strong, and rightly so,” Ben explained. “We offer our services in all the states that it is legal to do so – I think there’s about 37 states at the moment?”

“Of course, you’ll have to be a resident of one of these 37 states to apply,” Daniel added, “and in those 37 you’ve got some pretty big states – California, Florida and Texas are some that immediately come to mind. However, as a fully online service, as long as you’re a resident, over 18, with an income of at least $800 per month and with a valid checking account, you can apply from the comfort of your own home.”

What do you hope to achieve with Dime Alley?

“We set-up Dime Alley as a way of offering a quick and easy way to provide Americans with financial relief in a post-pandemic world. That’s our mission, really, and to give Americans a way of finding a lender to match with their personal needs,” Ben summarized.

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