AltaGas Monetizes Non-Core U.S. Transportation and Storage Business and Significantly Advances Deleveraging Plans

Sale Proceeds, Combined with Strong First Quarter Results from the U.S. Transportation and Storage Business, and an Associated Reduction in Working Capital Requirements, Will Drive Approximately $485 Million of Debt Repayment

CALGARY, AB, April 23, 2021 /CNW/ – AltaGas Ltd. (“AltaGas” or the “Company”) (TSX: ALA) today announced the sale and closing of a transaction to monetize the company’s U.S. Transportation and Storage business to an entity owned by Six One Commodities LLC and Vega Energy Partners, Ltd. for total cash proceeds of approximately $344 million (US$275 million). The non-core asset sale represents another important step in advancing AltaGas’ strategy of re-focusing the company on its two core businesses, while continuing to de-risk and de-lever the platform and reduce the volatility of cash flows.

Randy Crawford, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “We are pleased to advance our strategic plan of focusing, de-leveraging and de-risking our Company. The monetization of the U.S. Transportation and Storage business positions us to accelerate the timeline of getting to our target of being below 5.0x Net Debt to normalized EBITDA1. Specifically, we believe we are positioned to reduce our Net Debt to normalized EBITDA ratio by up to 0.5x over the course of 2021 relative to the run-rate level we exited 2020. Ongoing leverage reduction will remain a top priority as we continue to grow the business. We are also fortunate to be selling the U.S. Transportation and Storage business after a strong financial contribution from the segment in the first quarter related to significant weather-driven natural gas price volatility. This created an incremental deleveraging event that will benefit all of our stakeholders.”

AltaGas’ total near-term deleveraging is estimated at approximately $485 million and is comprised of three main components, including: 1) $344 million of cash proceeds that were received through the divestiture; 2) the reduced working and other capital requirements of the U.S. Transportation and Storage business that will no longer be required post the sale; and 3) robust profitability from the U.S. Transportation and Storage business during the first quarter due to strong natural gas prices and volatility seen in the quarter. The third component of the deleveraging will be recorded in AltaGas’ Q1 2021 financial statements that are scheduled to be released on April 29, 2021, before market open. The closing and effective date of the transaction is today with AltaGas continuing to record the operating results of the business during the first quarter and approximately the first three weeks of the second quarter of 2021.

AltaGas’ U.S. Transportation and Storage business was a smaller component of the Company’s operations and included a number of natural gas transportation and storage contracts, including approximately 31 Bcf of leased and managed storage capacity. The sale does not include AltaGas’ 10% equity stake in the Mountain Valley Pipeline or the Company’s 5.1% equity stake in the Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate expansion. The business has been reported as part of AltaGas’ Midstream operations since closing the WGL acquisition in 2018 and did not have any material overlap with AltaGas’ U.S. Utilities platform. The business produced US$21.2 million of normalized EBITDA in 2020 and US$16.2 million of average annual normalized EBITDA over the trailing five-year period from 2016 to 2020. The business has fluctuating working capital requirements throughout the year, which typically peak heading into the winter and then hit seasonal lows in March or April, following large natural gas inventory sales over the winter heating season with inventories then being replenished during spring and fall shoulder seasons.

AltaGas continues to execute on the Company’s strategy and leverage its distinctive Utilities and Midstream businesses that are both well-positioned to deliver strong and visible growth. As has been publicly messaged in the past, AltaGas is also focused on continued deleveraging and may consider other incremental non-core asset sales, should the right opportunities and market conditions be available. In the years ahead, AltaGas will remain acutely focused on operating long-life infrastructure assets that provide resilient and durable value for the Company’s stakeholders. AltaGas is focused on delivering durable and growing EPS and FFO per share that supports steady dividend growth and provides the opportunity for capital appreciation.



Non-GAAP measure; see discussion in the advisories of this news release and reconciliation to US GAAP financial measures shown in AltaGas’ Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) as at and for the period ended December 31, 2020, which is available on

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Net debt is used by the corporation to monitor its capital structure and financing requirements. It is also a measure of the Corporation’s overall financial strength. Net debt is defined as short-term debt (excluding third-party project financing obtained for the construction of certain energy management services projects), plus current and long-term portions of long-term debt, less cash and cash equivalents.

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