20 Best Podcasts About Crypto Investing 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about crypto investing? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best crypto investing podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us Daily Finance (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Crypto Investing Podcasts 2021

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The Token Metrics Podcast

  • Publisher: Token Metrics
  • Total Episodes: 1310

The Token Metrics Podcast is a regular publication of blockchain and cryptocurrency news, analysis, and investment strategies from the Token Metrics team and notable guests. Token Metrics is a cryptocurrency investment platform that helps users leverage machine learning to become better crypto investors. Our in-depth analysis helps eliminate the emotions of investing, find profitable investment opportunities and filters out scams. Learn more at

Spark Your Fire (Investing podcast)

  • Publisher: Jazz and David
  • Total Episodes: 175

Australian Property/Finance, Crypto, Shares & Commodities podcast. Tune in to hear investor stories/expert opinions. New to investing or savvy investor, podcast is about educating listeners and sharing tips/tricks on wealth creation & helping understand macro setup..

Liquid – Crypto Investing | Startup Pitch | Token Investing and Crowdfunding.

  • Publisher: Joyce Yang
  • Total Episodes: 20

A podcast dedicated to breaking down crypto investing. Our host Joyce Yang takes you inside the world of Crypto lnvesting, Startup Pitch, Angel Investing and Crowdfunding. She interviews the venture capitalists, angel investors, trading experts on how they find, evaluate and select the next generation of great token investments. Discover how you can attain funding for your business by listening to what the most prominent investors are directly looking for in startups, providing easily actionable tips and tricks that can be put in place to increase your chances of getting funded.

—Fuel4Life— LLC.

  • Publisher: Matt Young / WWE’s Booker T
  • Total Episodes: 164

A professional wrestler at 16 and a millionaire by 23, Matt Young (now 30 years old) dives into world events, spirituality, and now investing in crypto currency! Now starring WWE Hall of Famer and Matt’s former trainer…Booker T! Reaching over 76 countries and counting!

Crypto Centz Podcast

  • Publisher: Carlton “CO2” Owens
  • Total Episodes: 449

This Podcast is for people who are clueless about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but are aware that it’s an opportunity. The show makes crypto simple to follow and understand. The focus mainly highlights new cryptocurrencies that are priced below a dollar that have the potential to create big gains. Listeners will get an unfiltered, and practical perspective from the hosts on what’s going on in the world of cryptocurrency and will ride along in discovering new strategies for investment. Who knows, with what you spend on starbucks you could make a million in cryptocurrency investing. Support this podcast:

Modern Finance

  • Publisher: Kevin Rose
  • Total Episodes: 12

Modern Finance breaks down all things bitcoin, cryptocurrency, finance hacks & tips, decentralized finance (DeFi), yield farming, NFTs, robo-investing, and more. Join entrepreneur and technology venture capitalist Kevin Rose as he interviews experts and the entrepreneurs building modern finance tools. Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web,” and Bloomberg lists him as a “Top 25 Angel Investor.” Kevin has appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Charlie Rose Show, as well as the print covers of Businessweek and Inc. Magazine.

Crypto Radio

  • Publisher: Crypto Radio
  • Total Episodes: 32

Crypto Radio is a podcast about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investing. We interview the top thinkers and entrepreneurs in the industry, and cover topics like bitcoin and ethereum, news, technology developments, investing, trading, and ICOs.

Nugget’s News Crypto & Finance Podcast

  • Publisher: Alex Saunders
  • Total Episodes: 811

All things Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, investing, trading and economics. Nugget’s News’ Alex Saunders and guests break it all down for you.

The Decrypting Crypto Podcast

  • Publisher: Matthew Howells-Barby & Austin Knight
  • Total Episodes: 46

The Decrypting Crypto podcast is your hype-free and bias-free guide to understanding the complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Your hosts, Matthew Howells-Barby and Austin Knight, will take you on a journey of decrypting the various concepts related to blockchain technology and explaining them in a language that everyone can understand. Whether you’re completely new to crypto, have an interest in investing, or have been directly involved in the space for several years, there will be something for you to enjoy.

The Stock Market Secrets Podcast

  • Publisher: John Wooten
  • Total Episodes: 210

Learn how to effectively invest in stocks, crypto, options, bonds, forex, funds, commodities, and more… whether you want to day trade for income or invest for great wealth with minimal downside! Learn to navigate today’s markets and take control of your active and passive portfolio, all while minimizing your tax bill. Learn from VC-backed entrepreneur and hedge fund manager John Wooten who shares his biggest “a-ha moments” and stock market secrets with complete transparency. From tough lessons learned, to market insights, to pure investing strategy, John pulls you into his world to crush it!


  • Publisher: WISDOM MATIC
  • Total Episodes: 2

Let’s talk crypto, hosted by Wisdom Matic is an educational podcast about the amazing world of cryptocurrency trading and investing. The show focus is to help aspiring and active traders and investors by sharing trading and investment education, tips and insights.

Investing Switzerland

  • Publisher: Santiago & Orlando
  • Total Episodes: 7

How do you invest? Where do i get started? What do i have to keep in mind? Get educated on the different stages of investing in Switzerland and learn about general investing principles. We will talk about details around pensions, robo-advisors, ETFs & funds, crypto and self directed trading. Learn about the different methods to build a sustainable portfolio – Questions? Twitter: @investingSWI, email: [email protected] or

Investing With Naj

  • Publisher: Najeh Wilkins
  • Total Episodes: 24

Welcome to my podcast where we talk all things investing as well as some financial tips along the way. Come join my journey as an investor as I provide insight on the stock market with the latest news and companies to consider investing into. Also, I will be talking about crypto and real estate as I venture into these different financial instruments. I am not a licensed financial advisor and you should always do your due diligence when it comes to investing your money. My goal is to educate while providing some entertainment along the way as we strive for financial freedom. Support this podcast:

The Syndicate

  • Publisher: Matt Ward
  • Total Episodes: 215

Welcome to The Syndicate, the place where investors and startups combine to create crazy businesses and even crazier returns. The Syndicate podcast is a deep dive on the angel investors and VCs behind the big name startups. We interview the best and brightest investors, syndicate leads, GPs, limited partners and startup founders to create an original, off the cuff discussion on startup investing. With a focus on strategies and tactics, mistakes and massive money makers, we hope to help AngelList investors and venture capitalists create unfair advantages in their investment portfolios. Recurring investment themes include Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, B2B, AI, Big Data, AdTech, Enterprise SaaS, Healthcare, IoT, Fintech, Biotech, Ecommerce and of course Mobile. Other topics include lean startup, marketing strategies, growth hacking, business development, startup equity, fundraising, KPIs, incubators and accelerators, hiring, acquisitions, IPOs, ICOs and more.

The LeoFinance Podcast

  • Publisher: Khaleel Kazi
  • Total Episodes: 88

Welcome to the LeoFinance Podcast where we talk all things investing & crypto. LeoFinance is a blockchain based social media platform for investors that is powered by the WLEO token economy. Content creators can signup to and begin blogging, creating videos or even distributing a podcast via our platform and start earning crypto for their work. The fun doesn’t end there — blockchain technology powers it all and allows users to be rewarded for being active members of the community as well. Learn more at

The Token Daily

  • Publisher: Soona Amhaz | BlockWorks Group
  • Total Episodes: 13

Host Soona Amhaz sits down with the movers and shakers in the crypto industry to discuss the big ideas they spend their days thinking about. Soona and her guests examine everything from industry trends, to what books they’re reading, to human psychology and investing.


  • Publisher: Logan Lin
  • Total Episodes: 10

Hi, everyone and welcome to The FinanZe Podcast, a podcast to help generation Z students better understand the complex concepts of business. I’m your host, Logan Lin. In this podcast I will talk with business professionals, renowned investors, and distinguished college professors about many different concepts in the business/finance world such as investing in the capital markets, shorting positions, risk arbitrage, entrepreneurial finance, leadership in the business world, risk management, venture capital, distressed debt, financial accounting, marketing, acquisitions, IPOs, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrencies, behavioral finance, market efficiency, and more. My goal is to inspire future business leaders, and make a positive impact on others. To educate the people around me, and hopefully allow my audience to further expand their knowledge of business. Stay tuned.

Cryptocurrency Investing with Louis Thomas

  • Publisher: Louis Thomas
  • Total Episodes: 8

The podcast for people who want to get smart about investing in cryptocurrencies. With the help of the expert guests he’ll be inviting onto the show, Louis Thomas will be exploring which coins make the best long-term investments. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum or one of the thousands of other coins out there, everything is up for scrutiny; with a neutral, objective and data-driven approach to analysing projects. About the host: Louis Thomas is an independent content creator with more than 100,000 followers across several social media platforms. Since the beginning of 2017, he’s built a library of content educating people about blockchain technology, its real-world implications, and how one can potentially benefit financially from investing in this technology as well.

Flipping Out

  • Publisher: Paul Lizell
  • Total Episodes: 33

Take a voyage across the country as we buy and sell real estate virtually all over the United States! Virtual wholesaling couldn’t be easier with today’s technology. Join host Paul Lizell as he explains his transition from a single market fix and flip investor to a virtual wholesaler that is willing to buy anywhere in the country! We will cover virtual wholesaling, virtual rentals, owner financing to new construction. We will even dabble into the future of money, namely cryptocurrencies, and interviewing some of the biggest players in real estate to find out what lessons they have learned along the way and what made them successful.As more and more real estate investors are investing virtually, it’s important for you to keep up to stay in the game. If you’re not adapting with technology and some of these tools, then you eventually get left behind. The process is becoming totally different with everything right at your fingertips now in the information age that we’re in. It’s time to step up, join the conversation, and get your boots right in. Meet Paul Lizell, virtual wholesaler, and let him show you what virtual wholesaling is all about and how you can do it, too, and enjoy its benefits along the way.Paul is a wholesaler and real estate investor based in Philadelphia. He is the Founder of JP Homes Inc. and He has been a successful real estate investor since the late 1990s, and has bought and sold hundreds of properties nationwide during his investing career. Paul works from his home virtually wholesaling thousands of deals across dozens of states. With his office literally in his backpack, he enjoys being able to help home sellers and home buyers, as well as improve communities from wherever he is. His daily goal is to build long-term relationships with customers and creating wow experiences. Paul is a graduate of Drexel University and attributes his success in business and investing to coaching, education, and systems.If you’re excited about real estate investing while taking control of your life and having financial freedom, you’re in the right place. In this show, you get to learn all about how to get started as a virtual wholesaler, how to move into a new market with your investing business, and what markets to avoid. Every week, Paul will be joined by some of the biggest players in the real estate space who will share their experiences, knowledge, insight, and tips for making it big in the industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Join Flipping Out and learn more about how you can leverage virtual wholesaling to take control of your time, enjoy financial freedom, and live life the way you’ve always wanted to.


  • Publisher: 4DMBOX
  • Total Episodes: 477

Business, Money, News Commentary. Learn to make money online using just a phone and/or computer Master Your Money: Personal Finance | Money Courses ——————————————————————– Useful Money Tools: Robinhood [Get up to a free $500 stock by joining] ► Acorns [Automate your investing by rounding up your loose change and putting them into index funds] ► GET FREE BITCOIN WHEN YOU BUY OR SELL $100 OF CRYPTO ► Support this podcast:

Written by Tenner Smith

Tenner Smith - I have experience in financial intelligence and automated intelligence. In industry I have worked on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Tenner Smith is a reporter at DF media.


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