20 Best Podcasts About Analyzing Data 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about analyzing data? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best analyzing data podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us Daily Finance (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Analyzing Data Podcasts 2021

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The Tech Unknown Podcast

  • Publisher: SAP
  • Total Episodes: 23

Technology can bring down silos, automate processes, consolidate & analyze data. Early adopters are already getting leaner, faster, more data-driven, more intelligent. But the full shape of what’s to come — just how thoroughly tech will change the way we do business — is still unknown. The Tech Unknown podcast features innovators in technology and business, analyzing what’s happening now and what comes next.

Lock and Code

  • Publisher: Malwarebytes
  • Total Episodes: 30

Welcome to Lock and Code, a Malwarebytes cybersecurity podcast. Every two weeks, we dig deep into cybersecurity’s most vexing topics, speaking to the researchers and engineers at Malwarebytes, as well external guests from major companies and organizations. Whether analyzing deepfakes, guarding data privacy, debunking VPN myths, or simply understanding how a garage door opener can be easily hacked, we’re here to learn about it all.

Fundamental Value: A Bitcoin Podcast

  • Publisher: The TIE
  • Total Episodes: 44

On Fundamental Value we speak with the leading hedge funds, analysts, trading venues, and digital asset market participants. Our goal is simple – to understand how the leading minds in the cryptocurrency space are researching, analyzing, and quantifying the value of cryptocurrency. The Fundamental Value Podcast is hosted by Joshua Frank, CEO of The TIE – the leading provider of institutional cryptocurrency data.

Data Privacy Detective – how data is regulated, managed, protected, collected, mined, stolen, defended and transcended.

  • Publisher: Joe Dehner – Global Data Privacy Lawyer
  • Total Episodes: 66

Data privacy is the footprint of our existence. It is our persona beyond ourselves, with traces of us scattered from birth certificates, Social Security numbers, shopping patterns, credit card histories, photographs, mugshots and health records. In a digital world, where memory is converted to 0’s and 1’s, then instantly transformed into a reproduction even in 3D, personal data is an urgent personal and collective subject. Those who wish to live anonymous lives must take extraordinary measures to succeed in that improbable quest, while those who hope for friendship or fame through the spread of their personal data must learn how to prevent theft of their identity and bank account. If you have ideas for interviews or stories, please email [email protected] The internet in its blooming evolution makes personal data big business – for government, the private sector and denizens of the dark alike. The Data Privacy Detective explores how governments balance the interests of personal privacy with competing needs for public security, public health and other communal goods. It scans the globe for champions, villains, protectors and invaders of personal privacy and for the tools and technology used by individuals, business and government in the great competition between personal privacy and societal good order. We’ll discuss how to guard our privacy by safeguarding the personal data we want to protect. We’ll aim to limit the access others can gain to your sensitive personal data while enjoying the convenience and power of smartphones, Facebook, Google, EBay, PayPal and thousands of devices and sites. We’ll explore how sinister forces seek to penetrate defenses to access data you don’t want them to have. We’ll discover how companies providing us services and devices collect, use and try to exploit or safeguard our personal data. And we’ll keep up to date on how governments regulate personal data, including how they themselves create, use and disclose it in an effort to advance public goals in ways that vary dramatically from country to country. For the public good and personal privacy can be at odds. On one hand, governments try to deter terrorist incidents, theft, fraud and other criminal activity by accessing personal data, by collecting and analyzing health data to prevent and control disease and in other ways most people readily accept. On the other hand, many governments view personal privacy as a fundamental human right, with government as guardian of each citizen’s right to privacy. How authorities regulate data privacy is an ongoing balance of public and individual interests. We’ll report statutes, regulations, international agreements and court decisions that determine the balance in favor of one or more of the competing interests. And we’ll explore innovative efforts to transcend government control through blockchain and other technology. In audio posts of 5 to 10 minutes each, you’ll get tips on how to protect your privacy, updates on government efforts to protect or invade personal data, and news of technological developments that shape the speed-of-bit world in which our personal data resides. The laws governing legal advertising in some states require the following statements in any publication of this kind: “THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT.”

Data Rocks

  • Publisher: Data Rocks
  • Total Episodes: 8

Whether you realize it or not, you encounter data every day. With all that data, it can be tough to know how it all fits together. Hi, I’m Bryan and I’ve spent more than 15 years of my career working with various types of data. I’ve made many mistakes, but also learned a lot along the way. Whether you’re looking to start a career in analytics, wanting to level up your data game, or just curious to know why some people get so excited about data, this show has something for you. Join me as we discuss different strategies and techniques for transforming and analyzing the data around you. Soon you’ll discover how simple it is to have fun with data. That’s because Data Rocks! Check back every other Tuesday for new episodes!

Thinking Caps

  • Publisher: Cheetah Digital
  • Total Episodes: 47

Two veteran marketers take on the industry. Analyzing breaking news in the MarTech and AdTech worlds, Richard and Tim pick the topics that are most disruptive to marketers and offer advice in how to anticipate change and pivot to a new strategy. In 10 minutes or less, you’ll get informed on the news about customer acquisition strategies, privacy & consumer data, email and mobile marketing, CDPs, and loyalty and advocacy programs — and hear from global CEO and CMO guest speakers. In the time it takes to grab a latte, you can walk away informed and ready to take on your next marketing challenge

The R-Podcast

  • Publisher: Eric Nantz
  • Total Episodes: 35

R is a free and open-source statistical computing environment. It has quickly become the leading choice of software used to develop cutting-edge statistical algorithms, innovative visualizations, and data processing, among other key features. R has seen tremendous growth in popularity and functionality over the last decade, largely due to the vibrant and devoted R community of users. Whether you have experience with commercial statistical software such as SAS or SPSS and want to learn R, or getting into statistical computing for the first time, the R-Podcast will provide you with valuable information and advice that will help you to tap into the power of R. Our intent is to start with the basic concepts that can be a struggle for those new to R and statistical computing. We will give practical advice on how to take advantage of R’s capabilities to accomplish innovative and robust data analyses. Along the way we will highlight the additional tools and packages that greatly enhance the experience of using R, and highlight resources that can help people become experts with R. While this podcast is not meant to be a series of lectures on statistics, we will use freely and publicly available data sets to illustrate both basic statistical analyses as well as state-of-the-art algorithms to show how powerful and robust R can be for analyzing today’s explosion of data. In addition to the audio podcast, we will also produce screencasts for hands-on demonstrations for those topics that are best explained via video.

Predix Developer Podcasts

  • Publisher: GE Digital
  • Total Episodes: 13

Predix is the operating system for the Industrial Internet, powering digital industrial businesses that drive the global economy. By connecting industrial equipment, analyzing data, and delivering real-time insights, Predix-based apps are unleashing new levels of performance of both GE and non-GE assets. Subscribe to listen to subject matter experts and how they are leveraging Predix with the latest technologies.

Economic Update with Rob Stein

  • Publisher: Rob Stein – Economist
  • Total Episodes: 2

Jobs, Mortgages, Defaults, Output, Fed Policy, How Much Money You Make, How Much Stuff You Buy – All these things matter.. A lot. Rob Stein has spent decades analyzing economic data and he has traveled the country speaking to large groups about what is happening in the economy and what impact it has on consumers. In this monthly podcast, we will break down what major economic indicators are impacting everyday life. We’ll breakdown if the economy is healthy, stagnant, unhealthy, etc. Rob has a very unique ability to explain complicated concepts in very easy to understand ways. Our goal is to educate listeners on major concepts that impact all our lives on a daily basis. Rob has a passion for education and economic principles and we are excited to share 15 minutes a month discussing these concepts with you Rob Stein spent an early portion of his career as a project analyst on the Federal Reserve under the chairmanship of Paul Volcker. He has held senior positions at some of the worlds largest banks and, in 1994, Rob started his own firm where he is currently the CEO. Rob has spent decades analyzing economic data. He has traveled the country speaking to large groups of people on the overall health of the economy and we are excited to share his expertise and opinions with the podcast world!

Engaged, Empowered, Employed

  • Publisher: Charlotte Works
  • Total Episodes: 18

As the workforce development board serving Mecklenburg County, Charlotte Works leads the way in connecting job seekers and employers, providing skills training and work opportunities for youth and adults, analyzing and sharing data to educate the public on workforce needs, and aligning community partners around workforce initiatives to help make Charlotte-Mecklenburg a place of economic opportunity for all.

Profiling Evil Podcast with Mike King

  • Publisher: Mike King
  • Total Episodes: 14

The Profiling Evil Podcast was designed to delve into some of the unsolved criminal cases around the world. We’ll also look into the mind of the criminal offender who commits these heinous acts upon their victims.  Some episodes will examine the amazing work being done by those in the law enforcement profession, in part, to re-humanize the men and women who serve our communities. Worldwide, our police officers have been villainized because of the criminal actions of a few bad officers. Most police officers are genuinely caring people who simply want to protect and serve. They deserve our support and recognition. I hope you’ll enjoy this new podcast series. Mike is the creator and host of Profiling Evil. His work there is completely separate from his full-time job at Esri where he is the Global Director of Fraud and Emergency Communications Solutions. He has helped the largest police departments in the world implement and operate real-time crime centers, intelligence/fusion centers and emergency communications centers. Past major events he has supported are the G20 Summit, Republican National Convention, FEMA National Level Exercise, several Super Bowls. He serves as part of the worldwide Disaster Response Program at Esri. Federal ExpertiseKing served as co-chair of the FBI’s ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program) National Advisory Board, reviewing policy and procedures in the creation and management of a national database for missing persons, unidentified bodies and unsolved homicides. He also served as the federal liaison officer during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. State and Local ExperienceIn his home state of Utah, Mike retired from the Department of Public Safety after a distinguished law enforcement career, including service as Chief of Staff to Utah Attorney General Jan Graham. He was also the Director of UTAP (Utah Criminal Tracking and Analysis Program) guiding their mission to investigate and facilitate collaboration on unsolved homicides, sexual assaults and missing persons. His service includes; Chief of Staff to the Weber County Attorney and a police officer for the city of Ogden, Utah. Decades of Experience Yields Powerful ProficienciesKing has nearly 40 years of experience in public and private leadership with emphasis in marketing, consulting and business development. His experience includes police records management systems, crime analysis and geospatial solutions. He is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer, adjunct professor and visiting scholar at several accredited universities.Expert Author in the Subject of Violent CrimeKing has co-authored and authored, “Analyzing Criminal Behavior,” “Victimology,” “Who Killed King Tut?” “Predators, Who Are They and How Do We Stop Them?” “Profilers” and “Jane, A Woman’s Determination and the Wild West Frontier.”

Arccos Podcast: Connecting Golfers One Data Point at a Time

  • Publisher: Ben Larsen, Arccos Golf Content Manager
  • Total Episodes: 5

The pioneer of Connected Golf, Arccos is the leading provider of big data, advanced analytics and machine learning insights for the global golf industry. First launched in late 2014, our patented, GPS-based, hardware and software system has automatically recorded more than 60 million shots taken by golfers playing on courses worldwide. By seamlessly analyzing each shot in real time, Arccos provides powerful, data-driven insights that help golfers of all skill levels measurably improve their performance by going beyond guesswork.

Twin Fire Signs: The Astrology of Taylor Swift

  • Publisher: Shannon & Emily
  • Total Episodes: 5

Join Sagittarius chart twins Shannon (@astrologychef) and Emily (@starryeyeddata) as they do a deep dive on the astrology of Taylor Swift, going song by song, album by album through her discography, analyzing it through an astrological lens. As she re-releases her old music, we’ll follow along, releasing new seasons with each new album. It’s bound to be a fun adventure so follow us along on social media! @twinfiresignspod on Instagram; @twinfire_signs on Twitter. Love you to the Moon and to Saturn!


  • Publisher: DMTD
  • Total Episodes: 4

Training for Behavior Tracker Pro, an app for collecting, analyzing and sharing behavior data for students with Autism.

  • Publisher: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
  • Total Episodes: 9

Each month, join Kashef Qaadri, a biologist turned bioinformatician, as he interviews guests exploring real-world research informatics challenges through use-cases, providing insights and strategies for integrating and analyzing complex data that are driving BioPharma R&D.

Breaking Biotech

  • Publisher: Matthew Lepoire
  • Total Episodes: 89

Matt breaks down relevant biotech stocks, analyzing their data and determining if they are a good investment.

The Data Engineering Show

  • Publisher: The Firebolt Data Bros
  • Total Episodes: 4

The Data Engineering Show is a podcast for data engineering and BI practitioners to go beyond theory, and learn from the biggest influencers in tech about their practical day to day data challenges and solutions in a casual and fun setting. WHO ARE THE DATA BROS? Eldad and Boaz Farkash shared the same stuffed toys growing up as well as a big passion for data. After founding Sisense and building it to become a high growth analytics unicorn, they moved on to their next venture, Firebolt, a high performance cloud data warehouse serving some of the world’s most advanced tech companies. Their guilty pleasures include analyzing data pipelines and beating each other in endless query performance battles.

Civic Tech 101

  • Publisher: UC3P
  • Total Episodes: 4

Civic Tech 101 interviews individuals working in the public and nonprofit sectors to understand how technology is being applied to social problems – for better or worse. From analyzing open data to applying algorithms, we cover approaches and projects that are having a significant effect on how the nonprofit and public sectors function. Our interviewees explain the benefits of their work, the limitations of technology, and how to get involved.

BRG Global Applied Technology (GAT)

  • Publisher: Michael Jelen
  • Total Episodes: 4

Arming clients with the tools to enable learning, create knowledge, and solve problems, BRG’s Global Applied Technology (GAT) team combines data, technology, and expertise to unlock new value for organizations and provide the tools to enable learning, create knowledge, and solve problems.The GAT practice is industry agnostic, but our professionals have deep experience working with clients across a full range of industries and geographies. Our expertise is in building solutions for the specific needs of each client, its use case, and its users.To do this quickly with the most advanced options, GAT professionals develop and support BRG’s technology platform offerings and associated services.BRG DRIVE™: The cross-section where technology, data, expertise, and people intersect to realize value.To solve a problem in today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical to make sense of vast amounts of information. A superior command of data drives superior results.BRG DRIVE™ is BRG’s Analytics as a Service platform, built to help clients and consulting teams create and sustain results. DRIVE provides clients with an innovative, multifaceted platform that integrates technology and people to identify and solve problems. Leveraging dashboards, scorecards, and custom analytics from any data source allows BRG and its clients to derive actionable insights and collaborate instantly.In addition to its core analytic and insight functionality, DRIVE contains a robust application set that can be used to collect data, manage workflows, monitor an organization’s key metrics, and store curated qualitative information, among other functions. Applications are interwoven to seamlessly and easily help clients identify their most important opportunities to propel informed business decisions.Whether by analyzing data through advanced visualization, collaborating via the BRG Insights™ application, or creating and performing surveys via BRG Pulse, BRG professionals and clients apply their best thinking to challenges.

Pattern Analysis 2018 (QHD 1920)

  • Publisher: Dr. Christian Riess
  • Total Episodes: 20

This lecture complements (and builds on top of) the lectures “Introduction to Pattern Recognition” and “Pattern Recognition”. In this third edition, we focus on modeling of densities, and how to use these models for analyzing the data. Major topics of this lecture are regression, density estimation, manifold learning, hidden Markov models, conditional random fields, and random forests. The lecture is accompanied by exercises, where theoretical results are practically implemented and applied.

Written by Tenner Smith

Tenner Smith - I have experience in financial intelligence and automated intelligence. In industry I have worked on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Tenner Smith is a reporter at DF media.


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